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#BOpproved Blog 2: The Domino Effect “In Due Time”

The sole purpose of this new blog series is to shed light on some really inventive albums and gifted artist that music heads may not be familiar with. Being an artist myself, I know how hard it is to even get people to check out your music; especially when there are hundreds of other artists releasing new material on a daily basis. I hope that this blog series not only brings awareness to dope artist but also gain them a few new fans in the process. If you have any artist or projects you think are worth me checking out, feel free to leave a comment or tweet me @realbodean and I will look them over in a timely matter. If It gets #BOpproved, I will more than likely blog about it. Now, let’s proceed with the proceedings proceeding this evening…

It’s 2013 and we’re Still Alive

Last year was supposed to be the end of our existence. Everybody had their panties in a bunch because of the Mayan Calendar ending on Dec 21, 2012. Last time I checked, we used American Calendars though (#BoShrug). But if the world did end on that day, you definitely had to take a listen to The Domino Effects latest effort "In Due Time" before the apocalypse occurred.

The Domino Effect is a two man duo consisting of Steve N Clare and Yung Cue (who also is the producer of the group). They kind of remind me of a mixture between Outcast and the Neptunes; futuristic sound, dope lyrical content, good chemistry and #swagger. They definitely complement each other in more ways than one and while listening to the album you will realize this.

A Pictures Explains It All

To me, your art work is just as important as the songs because this is the first thing people will see before deciding to listen to your project. The artwork should sum up what the album represents in a picture. Judging off the artwork with the city of St Louis looking beautiful on one side and in ruins on the other, I took it as, if things don’t change for the better, In Due Time the end will come. Being that the theme of the album revolves around this theme; the mood is kind of dark, from the production all the way to the subject matter. The “In Due Time” artwork will grab your attention and after you hear the album you will see that the artwork and music correspond with each other.

The tape begins with "Timeless”, soon as it starts it takes you back to the 70’s. One of the game’s premier poets Real T@lk kicks things off discussing events that'll transpire "In Due Time." The poem kind of gives you (or at least me) a general idea of the albums concept. Once he gets done, the DE comes through and wrecks it; this is definitely one of my favorites off the album.

Remember that good chemistry I was talking about these two have earlier? Well, while vibing to the tape and a few songs in you will come across “Declaration” where the two showcase a JadaKiss/Styles P back and forth lyrical onslaught, on a Sylvers “Wish That I Could Talk To You” sample with smooth flows and some pretty ill wordplay. Probably the most controversial and creative song on the album is the lead single “Berlinetta” where Steve plays a newly inducted preacher that bounces back and forth with the street life while Cue plays a crooked politician that’ll sell you dreams at the “right price.” But, I don’t want to have y’all thinking that DE are just #SuperConscious #PeaceBlackKingsAndQueens #YouSeeTheIlluminattiIsWhyThatHappened type of rappers; they do know how to have fun as well. Songs like “Geez District” with Benny Rodriquez will have you lighting up a doobie and putting the car on cruise control while “100 Bandz” featuring Dough Boy will have you nodding ya head til it cramps.

Some things Bo would’ve liked to hear more on the Album.

I would’ve liked to hear a few more joints like “Berlinetta” on this project. In my #BOpinion, some more creative story telling tracks revolving around the albums concept would’ve been interesting to hear. Another smooth track like “Geez District” wouldn’t have hurt the ears either, they make great riding music. #JustMinorStuffNothingMajor #JustMyThoughtsMan #YouDisagreeWriteYourOwnWriteUp

Why “In Due Time” Is Worth Your Time

#BOverall, “In Due Time” has been #BOpproved. I give it, It has a different sound and it’s also refreshing to hear content that doesn’t deal with #mollys #bands #whores #TheUsual . There are a few tracks that have another song or musical compositions added to it, so you will definitely have to sit and listen to the whole album. If you’re a fan of artistry, you should definitely check this one out; I’m positive you’ll enjoy what you hear...#thatisall…#carryon

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