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5 Questions With Up-And-Coming Rapper @iamDoughboy

Imagine a rapper with the hard hitting production you'd find in a Gucci Mane or 2Chainz and the artistic diversity of a young Tupac Shakur. You'd be imagining Doughboy, an up-and-coming rapper from Saint Louis who's recently been on tour with Gucci Mane.

XL Urban Media got the chance to sit down with Doughboy and get some insight into what inspires him and his latest work.

Q: You essentially had to raise yourself. How did your childhood pique your interest in music and rap?

My music illustrates my childhood but I try to do it in a different ray than other rap artists typically do.

Yes, I was born and raised in the hood, but I try not to paint a hood picture in my music. It's more of my feelings and thoughts.

You didn't take your rapping talent seriously until going on tour with Gucci Mane. How did that experience change your mind?

Going on tour with Gucci really opened my eyes to see that I really had an opportunity in music, and really gave me the motivation to do it.

When you are around artists that are that big, you get a first hand look at inspiration. We were at Club Rain in Miami. A fan walked up while we (me and Gucci) were leaving the club.

While [Gucci was] signing an autograph, the fan explained how he relates to Gucci's music so much he broke into tears. At that moment I knew music can touch anyone and I wanted my music to touch everyone.

Listening to Bae, Purple Errthang, Ride Clean, and Stress Relief, it's clear you make songs for every occassion and do it well. What influences led to your sound?

I try and make music that I feel will motivate people, and/or give people a good feeling.

When you listen to certain songs, no matter what mood you're in, it can change a person's day, whether it's a song to ride to, club to, or maybe a song the ladies listen to in the hair shop. I try to make my own lane, give my music a distinct sound and make it something people can relate to. Mostly life situation influence my records.

There's always something that drives artists. What drives you to make music and what effect do you want your music to have on your listeners?

It's all about feelings. I wanna make music to give people a great mood. The fam really drive me to make good music and to push.

I say "fam" because I don't think of anyone as "fans."

I feel if you have ever taken the time out to listen to my music, you really got a piece of me.

You're working on an EP titled "Office Referrals" that sounds great so far. What should we expect from Office Referrals? Any word on a release date?

As of right now, "Office Referrals" is OUT IN THE STREETS. We look forward to dropping it online within the next couple of weeks.

I also have a DVD dropping at the end of the year titled "IAMDOUGHBOY."

We've already started working on the next EP titled "My Art Museum" set to drop first quarter 2013.


Be sure to stay updated on Doughboy's music by checking out his blog site doughboyonline.com

Also, follow him on Twitter: @iamDoughboy

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