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Be A Woman. Get Some Weave.

I’ve never been one to wear fake hair, nails, or too much make-up (if any at all). But working in entertainment, I've always felt pressured to look like everyone else. The pressure to be “glammed up.” My profession rarely requires me to be on camera so I dress and look how I want -- appropriate but comfortable.

For a while I’ve been talking about experimenting with weave to see the difference in reception from men and society. It’s just my own social experiment. Is fakery really the key to success? Your degree, intelligence, and personality – all the things that SHOULD matter simply don’t.

Anyway, I was talking to a friend one day and I made the comment, “If I get weave I’m going to feel pressured to wear make-up and heels everyday.” The jerk in my passenger sit chimed in, “Don’t be afraid to be a grown woman,” in a semi-condescending tone. Who in the hell does he think he is? Furthermore, how do heels, weave, and make-up make me a “grown” woman? I was offended to the max. I was listening to a man tell me I’m not good enough. I should look like the girls on TV. I should spend hundred of dollars on fake hair then a few more hundred for someone to install it just to look like the girl over there. Did he not care about my self-esteem? What if I was self-conscious? Has he looked in the mirror lately?

A few days later, I ended up trying a new hairdresser by the name of Alove at Salon Ramsey here in Atlanta. She was very friendly and funny (apparently it runs in the bloodline—she’s Faizon Love’s sister) and made me feel at ease. She recommended I try a weave, not because my real hair was lacking, but I don’t/can’t do hair and it’s low maintenance. It made a lot a sense unlike the jackass who said it would make me a grown woman. I decided I would FINALLY go through with my little weave experiment and I already feel like a sell out. All my sistas who fought the European ideal of what beauty is will shake their heads. I will leave the realm of authenticity to become one of them. Even if it’s temporary. Maybe I’ve fallen under the pressures of a superficial city and industry. However, I’m excited to try something new and see the reaction. Alove will be installing my weave and I will update you guys on the perception.

Contact Alove: @AloveWhipsHair

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