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WTF?! So Chris Brown & Drake Fight In The Club…Like Some Females!

I wake up to a text message in my inbox informing me that I need to hop online and check out what happened between Drake & Chris Brown last night. I immediately ignore it. I hop on Twitter only to find the subject still circulating throughout my timeline. In an attempt to get to the bottom of the story I searched throughout gossip sites to figure out what the deal was. And after reading about the whole story I have one thing to say...everyone involved in this story is soft as a newborn baby's ass! 

I searched through a couple sites expecting to see evidence of a huge brawl in the club. But come to find out, that's not what happened. What REALLY took place was the two divas known as Chris Brown & Drake spotted each other in the club in New York City. Chris sent a bottle to Drake out of good will and like the Basketball Wife that he is, Drizzy Drake stepped to Chris Brown.........with a bottle across the face! ARE YOU SH*TTING ME?! And that's not all folks, reports say that Meek Mill may have instigated the fight from the sidelines as he was chilling with Drake and his crew when Chris first sent the bottle.

I've seen more interesting stories in Church Bulletins! Understand something, as a grown ass man I have an issue acting as if two millionaire celebrities fighting aka giving each other golden showers in champagne is anything worth gossiping over. If you step to a man then you should be ready to swing...POINT BLANK PERIOD! And don't get it twisted, Chris Brown isn't off the hook either. Who the f*ck sends a bottle to the same person you've been lowkey beefing with for months? On top of that, who goes to Twitter taking pictures of the battle scars and deleting them? Then continuing to talk sh*t about the same dude who just busted your chin open? The logic in this story has yet to be found.

And this is what it all boils down to, while they're at the club shooting their own real life episode of Love & Hip Hop RIHANNA IS AT THE CRIB NOT FOCUSING ON EITHER OF THEM! How are you in the club showing your ass over a female who isn't publicly claiming either of you? And on top of that Rihanna is "Community Property". She's a cutie, but let's not act as if she hasn't gotten around with big names in the industry, one of those being Meek Mill...WHO WAS WITH DRAKE IN THE CLUB LAST NIGHT! The whole thing is ridiculous and I'm ashamed of everyone involved in this story. But ladies and gents, this is what the music industry has turned into. A bunch of "tough guys" on the mic who act like females in public. Back in the day if you stepped to a rapper in the club, you'd be lucky not to end up shot. These days we've got Platinum Selling artists facing off like hoodrats.

SMH at the whole damn situation! 


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    Rhianna must have that Sunshine Aquafina!!!


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