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Frank Ocean’s New Album Banned From Target! (Details Inside)

We've seen Frank Ocean all over the media these days since he admitted to the public last week that he indeed was bisexual. Although the internet has shown slander from several people it's also showed an overwhelming amount of support to the singer/producer. But just when Frank's name has began to die down a little in the media, it goes right back up as he releases his album to the public a week before it hits store shelves on iTunes. Frank certainly isn't the first artist to do this but the decision upset the people at Target enough to ban his album from their stores.

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/frank_ocean/status/223200741249138690"]

Frank went to Twitter to tell the news to his fans the news but his manager Chris Clancy apparently felt the decision from Target was based on Frank's openness concerning his sexuality. He later went to Twitter to apologize to Target and provide clarity to the situation.

Not sure how I feel about the situation just yet. Banning an album for any reason is sort of a slap in the face to the artists hard work. But at the same time if artists give their music away for free then businesses will continue to lose money. Either way, fans can grab Frank Ocean's Channel Orange from iTunes now or from a local retailer on Tuesday, July 17th.

Source: GlobalGrind

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