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Young Jeezy Vs. The World

Jeezy has been in plenty of headlines since his BET Awards fiasco with Rick Ross and now rapper Gucci Mane  is coming at his head.....again. These two have been beefing since the “So Icy” days. I thought it was over until I saw Gucci’s interview with The Breakfast Club where he basically calls Jeezy fake and a b*tch (to keep it real and short). Then Jeezy does an interview with Big Boy and calls Gucci retarded. He says Gucci is mad because he won’t do a song with him. At some point he releases a recorded conversation set up by DJ DRAMA (emphasis on Drama) where the two agree on a collab...I guess? Then Gucci drops the song “Truth.”

Who do you think would win in a fight? I’m going with Gucci and I’ll tell you why. GUCCI MANE IS ABOUT THAT LIFE! Look at his squad. Have you ever heard anything about Jeezy and his people? He bumped chests with Rick Ross. So what. He didn't bust a grape. Probably won’t bust a grape and probably can’t. Jeezy’s street credibility is steadily dropping along with his record sales. Now look at Bricksquad’s track record. Everyone in Atlanta knows what’s up. That’s why they’re so open about their beefs. Jeezy can call Gucci retarded, crazy, psychotic and any other name he can think of but he won’t step to him. Gucci put 100k on him beating Jeezy’s ass and if I had a 100k I sure would instigate! It’s because I have beef with Jeezy as well! I was supposed to cover a video shoot Jeezy was supposed to do with another rapper (no names) but he CANCELLED due to the fight with Rick Ross. What the..? So after speaking about it with some of my industry friends, it’s alleged he cancelled because MMG was on his head. I KNOW he didn’t let someone keep him in the house in his own city! Come on Jeezy!! As soon as the BET weekend was over, he was damn sure in the studio though. I was there. Coincidence? Maybe not.

Don’t get me wrong, Jeezy taking the mature way out is cool and all but you can’t mess up your money! He just told Big Boy he was about his check but you cancel a video shoot? I’ve never heard anyone in the industry say anything good about Jeezy. People don’t rock with him on a personal level and it’s weird to me. Whatever the case, I hope they can resolve this and everyone will be alive and breathing in the end. But for now, I’m about to watch this beef because I know Bricksquad don’t play those games.

Po Jeezy. He can't get a break. Hope he continues to steer clear...whether Gucci crashes his parties or not.

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  1. binky

    Real niqqas move in silence. Remember that .


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