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Poor Little Karrueche!

Talk about drama!!! Chris Brown, Drake, Rihanna, Meek Mill, Roscoe Dash...Karrueche? Everyone is still putting their two cents in on the Chris Brown and Drake fight but has anyone stopped to think about poor little Karrueche? Yes, Chris makes it clear that he’s with her but how does she feel about this? Multiple A list celebs come at her man about Rihanna...Rihanna is still cool with Chris’ mom, Rihanna and Chris's lyrical confessions within “Birthday Cake,”. Reportedly, Rihanna doesn’t want Chris with Karrueche (but she doesn’t want him either). And now Chris is getting popped in the head with bottles over Rihanna, twitter beefs over Rihanna, throwing chairs out of windows because of questions about Rihanna. Everything is RIHANNA RIHANNA RIHANNA!! (See how she incepted this post) I can only imagine how Karreuche feels. This leads me to think of a few things.

1. Karrueche has ulterior motives. Is Chris taking care of her or is he giving her the publicity she wants? She does model and all that.

2. Competition: a woman will stick by a man that’s not worth shit JUST so his ex won’t “win.” Everyone is always talking about Rih and Chris. All this chaos just fuels her fire to win. Yall know how girls are.

3. Chris HAS to be laying it down! It’s not a coincidence him and Rih are spotted at the same hotels at different times. Their publicists wouldn’t allow a mistake like that to happen. Or would they? Not to mention all the drama.

4. She really loves Chris. She loves him so much so, that she is blinded. Or maybe it’s 100% pure love on both ends and Rihanna is playing the evil ex-girlfriend in this drama.

For whatever reason, I still feel bad for her. I would snap on Chris too for even entertaining ANYTHING that has do with their relationship. A line has to be drawn SOMEWHERE in the relationship. Who knows? In the meantime, I’m going to sit back and watch how this all plays out.


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