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Will and Jada Smith Showcase Their “Sweet Home House of Dreams”

In a world filled with negative images of the black family (from the missing father to the angry single mother) it is always refreshing when you see a couple getting married or holding on to the dream most still long to achieve. You know that dream of finding the one person to join you in this journey called life, making the road more beautiful as the two become one. The many headlines of breakups and the reality shows featuring divorce and other heartbreak have made it difficult to believe in the greatness of marriage and the need to unite as man and wife. However, one of America's favorite Hollywood couples, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, are not only beating the odds but living life to the absolute fullest; still in marital bliss.

Through the years Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been gracing magazine covers sharing their talent with fans all over the world. We have watched the couple achieve individual goals in music, television, cinema, production and various business ventures. Movies like "Jasons Lyric", "Independence Day", and television shows like "The Fresh Prince of Belaire" and "A Different World" to the hip hop classic sounds of "Summertime" will always be some of our flashback favorites.

Well now the couple has decided to share their beautiful home in the latest issue of Architectural Digest to hit news stands in September. The article features Will and Jada's magnificent home set in Southern California on 25,000 square feet of land. The home features a circular design, which the couple selected to represent their love. The home also includes a swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court and even a lake. The home is truly magnificent!

From a place in classic hip hop history, to block buster movies, celebrated television shows and timeless conversations with President Obama, Mr. and Mrs. Smith continue breaking the mold on the ordinary to live the dreams of the extraordinary! So tell us what are some of your favorite movies or music starring Will or Jada Pinkett Smith? What features would your dream home include?

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Source: People.com, Architecturaldigest.com


  1. Anonymous

    I'm not the least bit interested in seeing or hearing Jada on stage or on screen. She's a no-good, nasty, hateful piece of trash.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm not the least bit interested in seeing any movies starring Jada!  Frankly, it would be rather nice if other people would follow suit.  She needs to be knocked down afew pegs and cut down to size, because she's an extremely arrogant, nasty, meanspirited, shrew-like woman who destroys everything and everybody around her.

  3. MaPol

    They're phony and plastic as all hell.  Not worth all the fame and interest that they're receiving


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