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Not To Be Slept On: Chicago’s The Pro Letarians Interview

I’m sure The Pro Letarians isn’t a name people are normally used to hearing in the music world, especially since the radio is filled with so much Mainstream Garbage…I mean Music. Well allow us to introduce you to The Pro Letarians who are a much needed break away from meaningless lyrics and pitbull beats. The Midwest flow along with head bumpin beats definitely put them at the top of my new Best Artist list, Check out the group making noise out of the Chi right here.

XL: Mr. Jupiter Jim & Mr. J.O. , would you mind telling me how those names came about? And how exactly did you guys come up with the name "The Pro Letarians"

The Pro Letarians: We decided on the name The Pro Letarians because the proletarians worked for everything as a team and hardly got any recognition for their work, before starting their next project.  It’s our metaphor for continuing to put music out to our fans regardless of “praise” from anyone else, and we decided to split the words to show we are “Pro” or professional.

You both appear as best friends with exceptional musical talent who are passionate about what you do. How and when did you two meet? 

I (J.O) was making beats one day in the [dorm] room, and a kid from my hall mentioned that someone down the hall rapped.  He went and got him from his room and we did the “Jupiter Freestyle” from The Pregame in ten minutes.  It was a real freestyle, nothing written and nothing really done to the beat.  Then we just took it from there.

Being Full Time Students, and Full Time Artists, how do you balance Music, Class, Girls, Shows, Grades, and Style all at the same time?

We pretty much will work on something until we are too far behind in the other.  If we spend a week on music and realize we’ve fallen too far behind in school, we take a step back and focus on school, and vice versa.

Your Mixtape, "Hello Forever", seems to be broken down into separate sections for each set of tracks...Can you tell me the reasoning, and or why you grouped them that way?

The tracks are definitely strategically placed. We wanted to take the listeners on a journey, from start to finish, rather than just throwing tracks on the tape in a random order.

Your first 3 songs on the mixtape are back to back to back uptempo beats with fun lyrics, but then after those it gets a little more serious, and more deep as listeners dive into the mixtape. Are you trying to show a more developed side or is there maybe just different things becoming priorities in your music?

We are definitely a deep duo, and even our up-tempo songs will make you think, such as “Let it Be”.  We both consistently have a lot on our mind, and if one of my (J.O.) beats matches up with what Jupiter is going through or writing to, we definitely use it, has nothing to do with the tempo of the beat.

Which song off the Mixtape are you two's personal favorites and why?

We are both very fond of “Speak of the Devil” from Hello Forever. I (J.O.) really enjoyed chopping the sample, and Jupiter got to explain his struggle between music and religion.  We also both love to go hard to "Church" *Laughs*

Being from Chicago, would you say that the location influences your music and you guys's sound at all?

Subconsciously we gain a lot of influence from the Midwest artists such as Kanye West and NO ID. Being born and raised in the Midwest, we grew up on and came to love that style of hip-hop.

We noticed there weren't any features on your last project, do you have anything in the works with any artists out of Chicago or up and coming MC's?

On the last project, we really wanted to show that we could hold our own from start to finish.  We have a few features in the works for our next project “Not All of Me Shall Die”.

Have you begun to receive any shout outs or praise from any well known artist or people in the Business?

We basically have been doing anything in our power to help push our music.  We’ve worked with a few A&R’s from different labels that enjoy our music to help our blog reach with our projects and music videos.


To sum it all up, The Pro Letarians are just College kids with high aspirations and goals that love to make good music,a big reason that I love listening to them. Check out their newest mixtape “Hello Forever” you won’t be disappointed…Chuuuuuurch. You've heard about them so check out their videos and their mixtape below and get familiar!

Twitter: @TheProLetarians



Watch The Pro Letarians "Church" Video

Watch The Pro Letarians "Good Weather" Video

Interviewed By: @JayTheGreat66

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  1. Goodwood

    Hate to break it to you..the Pro letarians are hardly a group out of Chicago. They were formed in Bloomington, Indiana and the producer (who calls himself Jo) is from For Wayne, Indiana. He's the brains behind the operation, so I would say it is worthless to say the duo is from Chicago.


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