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You A Ho If You Have Over 1000 Followers!

Now that Twitter is a few years old, I’m sure any user has noticed the thousands of homegrown Twitter philosophers and their tweets. The problem is, 90% of these theories have no logic. Most Twitter theories are meant to entertain but some are downright ridiculous. There is one in particular that annoys me to my very core. No it’s not the philosophies about the imaginary “him” most females are accused of. It’s the theory that girls with the least amount of followers are the best girls. The theory that a girl with over 1000 followers is a ho. Seriously people? But to be frank, I understand how some could come to that conclusion.

Unfortunately, most girls with over 1000 followers often have pictures of themselves in a bra and boy shorts with one butt cheek on the bathroom counter. Or they’re “models” formerly known as girls in lingerie equipped with camera phones. Or she’s one of those familiar faces in every club in town. It’s likely that she’s a Vixen craving male attention, Club Girl, or a real legitimate Ho. I get it. No one wants to wife any female like that but who decided girls without a lot of followers were wifey material? One drawback of these so called theories is if a girl is too popular then everyone will be in her business. That depends on the type of girl you choose. You can’t date a girl who makes herself emotionally vulnerable via twitter and expect people to not be in her business. THAT’S HOW SHE GETS ATTENTION!! Duh. What makes you think she’s going to keep quiet once you wife her up? Of course everyone will be in your business. She’s made her life into a virtual reality show. She thinks Twitter is a confessional.

Anyway, why can’t a female have thousands of followers because they’re attracted to her wit? A female can’t be insightful, funny, or thought provoking? I have 2726 followers and I’ve never shown any ass or titties nor do I tweet about sex 24/7. So to see so many males say things like that is ridiculous! I don’t instagram myself all day everyday either. So what does that make me? Females don’t need another mindless double standard attacking our purity. I’m sure there’s a male response for everything I’m saying but the moral of the story is don’t be intimidated by a girl’s popularity. Some women actually have intellect, intelligence, and a pretty good sense of humor. Just some food for thought.

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