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Make Room, Its Trixie’s Turn To Take Over!

One of the ways I keep myself inspired to chase my dreams is by surrounding myself with and talking to like-minded people. The energy that radiates from a true dream chaser is contagious. I had the pleasure of sharing a convo with Trixie, a rapper on the rise. She's got her mind right and ready to take over the rap game. Trixie is more than inspiring.


What made you start rapping?

I remember being in 2nd grade and I was in love with Aaliyah, the singer. It was around the time when Dr. Doolittle came out and I just started remixing "Are You That Somebody" and made it my own.


So is that your earliest memory of wanting to rap?

No, actually I remember my mom playing a cd that had some bad language so instead of saying the bad words, I made up my own and just kept doing that until I made up my own songs.


Are you a writer or off the top type of person?

For the most part a writer, I have to really be in the zone to spit off top.


What's your favorite aspect of rapping; performing, writing, recording...etc?

I like the creative aspect, hearing the beat then coming up with the words and recording it then watching it all come together.


Name 3 songs that would be on the soundtrack to your life.

"Feeling Good" x Nina Simone, "Show Must Go On" x Queen, and "Three Little Birds" x Bob Marley


Other than rapping, what do you do?

I run a lot and I'm originally from Hannibal, MO which is a small town. So I like fishing, camping, climbing trees and anything to do with nature. I like basketball and I'm currently in my junior year of college.


That's dope, why go to school? Why not pursue music full time?

Education is a must. It's mandatory. College gives you useful tools for teaching yourself as you go through life.


Where do you see Trixie in 5 years?

At the top. At the top as far as sales and awards. I'm talking the Grammy's, sold out stadium shows with thousands of thousands of people, and making a global impact. That's what I'd consider successful. The money of course will be cool but that's minor to the influence you have on the world. Giving back is most important. I would love to visit other countries and be a humanitarian.


Do you currently give back?

Yes, it's important to the whole Derrty Ent. team to give back and be involved. I'm involved in community projects like visiting shelters and and listening to poems from children and encouraging them to reach for their dreams.


Are you signed to Derrty Ent?

Not signed, Nelly is my mentor. I admire his work ethic, it's incredible because he's someone who has everything but works like he has nothing. And he's so humble. He motivates me to work harder.


You were featured on his most recent mixtape, OEMO. What was the very first time meeting Nelly like?

The first time, I was super nervous. But you know, I had to play it cool, even left my shades on lol


What advice would you give your 18 year old self of anyone who is looking to follow in your footsteps?

I know it may sound corny but just to keep believing. You have to stay focused on your goals and be determined, gotta have tunnel vision. Because usually that moment where it all seems hopeless is where it happens, so don't give up. There is only one you so you have to make yourself important. You owe it to your existence to do as much as you can while you're here!


What a powerful statement! Trixie is clearly on her way to the top. So was the interview not enough...still want more Trixie? Visit  www.ItsTrixie91.com , www.youtube.com/ItsTrixie91. For her free mixtape download check out the DatPiff Player below and be on the lookout for her next mixtape, "Lil Miss Incredible 2" dropping July 4th. Check her out in the video below with Nelly and Lil Stl in "How Do You Getcho Money".

Be sure to follow her on Twitter: @itsTrixie91

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  1. Barry Seawright

    lord knows this is greatness. aint no comparin

  2. Moshiv91

    I'm loving it T keep it cumin! This yo unk Big Mike Shiv let me know when cumin out West.

  3. Moshiv91

    I'm loving it T keep it cumin! This yo unk Big Mike Shiv let me know when cumin out West.

  4. Moshiv91

    I'm loving it T keep it cumin! This yo unk Big Mike Shiv let me know when cumin out West.


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