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You’re Sexy! But how far is TOO far?

With album sales going lower and lower it seems some will try just about anything to get the attention they think they rightfully deserve. Now entering a new year, many artists are looking for ways to revitalize their career and prove once again that they belong on top. This concept is present, now more than ever, with the "Divas" who attempt to push the envelope with R&B. Artists such as Rihanna, Keri Hilson & Nicki Minaj seem to lead the way of this movement with raunchy lyrics and sexually suggestive videos. Being a guy, I typically don't see too much wrong with this (Don't Judge Me lol) but  after watching and listening to some of the new material artists are releasing I have to wonder...Where's The Standards?

Yesterday afternoon I decided (as i always do) to check out some of the new stuff on XLurbanmedia.com After laughing at one guy getting pimp slapped so hard he took a nap in a sandwich shop, I checked out Rihanna's new video. Already knowing Rihanna's trend of wild and off the wall video concepts, I had an idea of what to expect. After four minutes and three seconds that I wish I could get back, I realized this chick has pretty much lost it. Granted I've never been much of a Rihanna fan, this video definitely didn't help push me in a positive direction. I understand the artists sense of creativity and wanting to break out from what some consider to be "the usual" but how far does that line go? Call me crazy but putting a leash around a guy's neck and taking him for a walk...might be too far!

I found it quite ironic that not two weeks after I heard the uplifting women's anthem "Pretty Girl Rock" I pretty much saw Keri Hilson bent over in her video that featured Rick Ross *click here to watch*. Being a guy, I dont have too many problems with seeing Keri Hilson shaking it for the camera (once again, Don't Judge Me!). But the question I have is what message does this send to girls coming up saying "I wanna be like Keri Hilson"?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting we perform an old fashion "Witch Hunt" and start going after these women (maybe one of Nicki Minaj's stylist's instead). But I simply wonder if some of these women in the limelight will finally stand for something. En Vogue, TLC, Toni Braxton & Destiny's Child all did it while being sexy at the same time. They opened doors for female artists and groups to express themselves as well as be creative.  So in 2011, is it possible to have meaning as well as Sex Appeal without giving a public strip tease that ends before the Climax? I simply wonder if those days are truly behind us or if there's really hope for us yet.

Do you think some of these videos are going too far? Are you a fan of any of the artists I mentioned above? If so, what do you think about the appeal they give off? Am I being over-dramatic about all this? Is it really not as big of a deal as I think it is? Leave a comment and let us know what you think?
Written By: @Djay_Chester

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  1. Natasha_lovesgod

    This article is exactly what i've been thinking about for years! Growing up, there has been a MASSIVE change in the female, music industry. Back then the ladies were sexy with thier voice and showing just enough skin to show thier sexy curves but now the ladies are taking it off!

  2. that girl

    i dont even watch videos anymore, because no one leaves anything to the imagination. and plus, once youv seen one girl shakin her ass in a bikini (and/or on a car) while somebody throws money on her, youv pretty much seen a lot of whats out there...which is real sad.

  3. Anonymous

    You are absolutely gat damn right !!! With Nicki I gave her a pass cuz she's a rapper and u kno how them hoes be. But as far as these r&b chicks there is a THIN line between sexy and slut ! They are trying too hard. It's sickening cuz they feel they can't sell by being classy. As a black women with LIMITED role models this is a problem


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