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Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City Album Review


Since the day I first experienced Overly Dedicated, I have known that Kendrick Lamar was exactly what the west coast hip hop scene needed to get put back on the map. His effortless ability to paint a picture that sticks with you, as well as the smooth style of his delivery captured me as I listened to each song telling the story of a kid thrown into a life that he wasn’t destined to be a part of. Next came Section 80, which spun a web of artfully told stories about the problems incurred by 80’s babies in a way that made the album an awe inspiring ride for anyone in our generation. However, no one could have predicted just how pivotal Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City would be.

GKMC takes us on a perfectly executed journey through the mind of a 17 year old boy, plagued by the life of the streets, the influence of his friends, and his lust for a woman named Sherane. From song to song, we get a pure, unadulterated view of Kendrick's world, be it from the story he's telling or the personal skits from family & friends that have been strategically placed throughout the album. Like no other album in this decade, GKMC gives you an intense look into the life of a musician that has made all of us feel like someone finally understands our struggle.

It’s been years since one artist has been able to put out an album that not only resonates throughout the hip hop community so loudly that it brings everyone across the world together to rejoice, but also voices the frustration, confusion, despair, pride, lust, & anger that all of us have felt at one point in our life. Kendrick has humbly & selflessly presented us with a musical movie that delivers a message so deep that you have no choice but to listen again & again to absorb the slew of emotions that comes with the transition of every song.

Everyone should experience Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, for the story, the production, the seamless flow, & the overall message the album presents:  no matter where you’re from, or what you’ve been through, you can make it out, but your experiences make you who you are. Kendrick has brought the west coast back & hip hop will never be the same & for that, we are gracious.


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