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In Case You Didn’t Hear – Pluto’s Still A Planet!

In music, you have a number of different kinds of artists. Not just music genre, but the people behind the sounds as well. The life of a solo artist and a full band are two completely different experiences. When you’re a solo artist, your sound is something that people identify with just you. But when your musical recognition comes from a group of artists, teamwork is more important than anything else. Today we’ll take a look at something a bit different than what we usually do. Coming out of Columbia, MO is Pluto’s Still A Planet, an alternative rock band who’s making a name for themselves at an impressively fast rate.

Pluto’s Still A Planet is comprised of four members, Paul Gray, Eric Wiedemier, Rob Pikey and Adam Weber. Each of them brings something unique and powerful to the band. I asked Adam Weber about the band members and this is what he had to say:

Paul Gray is a huge Dan Auerbach fan (guitarist of The Black Keys) so he delivers a lot of classic blues crunch to the table. Eric Wiedemier is what I would consider a funk master on the bass. From some wicked slap bass to some super groovy swells full of color, he can play it all. Rob Pikey has a bit of a metal background but likes to get really technical with his rhythms and cymbal use and it reminds me a bit of Chad Sexton of 311. I deliver a bit of rawness to our style that gives us a similar edge as Matt Schultz, lead singer of Cage The Elephant.

What’s interesting about this band is their intense passion for making music. They feel as if music can be tied to all human emotions and they aim to deliver emotion to their fans through their music. Adam had this to say about how powerful music can be:

When I go to a bad ass concert, it doesn't matter what I have on my plate, what happened that day, or what I have to do tomorrow. I tune out from reality temporarily and just take it in. When you walk away from a show with no brian power to think anything other than "holy shit, that was fucking awesome!", then you got what you paid for and then some. That's what I want to give people. I don't think we're quite there yet but we're getting close.

Pluto’s Still A Planet has a number of exciting things on the way. They’re currently working on an EP that is sure to be one all the fans will love. They also could potentially play in St. Louis’ “Point Fest”, which is a huge event where amazing artists from around the country come to put on a great show.

Check out their Facebook Fan Page right here: Pluto’s Still A Planet

Be on the lookout for more big things coming from these artists soon!


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