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#TheMashUp – Bo Dean Sits Down With Xlurbanmedia to Discuss His Upcoming Project


Q: The last time we spoke with you, Bovember 2 was about to drop. How was the response for that?

B2 has gotten a lot of love. Random people have came up to me and said certain songs made them cry or inspired them to do better in life. I definitely connected with the soul on that one. I'd have to say out of all my previous releases, B2 was the best one. It showed growth on all levels.

Q: What have you been up to since the release of your last tape?

Man, just staying busy. I got a new internet radio Show called the Show Me Show (@theshowmeshow) on iwatchradio.com. Also, I have been filming my youtube BOcumentary series which captures me on the road to my next project #TheMashUp.

Q: That’s dope. So tell us about #TheMashUp.

Mannnnnn, The #MashUp is crazy. I have gotten a lot of requests to do a jacking for beats mixtape. I told myself if I do one I want it to stand out from everybody else's. So I decided to take a gang of your favorite artist instrumentals and destroy them all at once... I'm killing two birds with one stone. I will be blending all the selected beats together for each particular song.  For instance, I have a Diplomats MashUp & I'll be mashing some of their classic beats off Diplomatic Immunity. I also have original production on here as well with the Beat switch up concept. I think this will be one of the most creative and entertaining projects hip hop heads will ever hear.

Q: Sounds like it’s going to be worth checking out! Are you the first artist to ever do something like this?

No, ice cube was the first to do it I believe. There's been a handful of artist to do a "jackin for beats" SONG but never to this extent where I'm doing it… the whole project, even with the original joints.
It was pretty fun. I got to show my versatility with the flow & delivery on this one. All my other projects have been pretty serious and personal for the most part, so I wanted to show the listeners another side of me... a cooler side. Lots of rewind pressing will occur I guarantee it... #Barz!! 

Q: Do you have a release date already set? How about features, who can we expect to see on this project?

The #mashup will be dropping October 23rd!!! It's hosted by Dj Smallz and features 6th Sense of The Urban Legends, Ill Mac, Phanum and Drum Gang P who are all producers from my city. I got my little bro JayDee and my SOGL fam on a few cuts to assist me with some classic barz and that's about it.
Q: Who are some of the industry artist that you #mashedup on this project?

Far as the industry mashups…Well, let’s just say that Dipset, Weezy, Drake, Common, Ross and Jay fans especially will be taken down memory lane.

Q: You recently dropped a video to the #ArrabMuzikMashUp… How did that come about and how have people responded to the visuals?

The #AraabMuzikMashUp video we shot and directed by my extended fam Ryan and Kelsey over at flux9ine. It took a while for us to get the video done, but it came out great man, very pleased with the outcome. So far I have got nothing but positive feedback about it. It’s like 3 things going on in the video, so you will more than likely have to play it back 3 times just to peep everything lol. It’s a definite attention grabber. More new vids on the way.

Q: Anything else we should know?

Yes, Be on the lookout for the #MashUp!! To stay updated with anything mashup related checkout bomashup.com ,Twitter @realbodean and also youtube.com/bodeantv. S/O to XL Urban Media for the continuous support!!

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