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Trash or Treasure: Trey Songz “Sex Aint Better than Love”


R&B crooner Trey Songz always brings the sexy, and he doesn’t disappoint with his new song and video “Sex Ain’t Better than Love.” Trey, who is known for his “baby making music,” is singing a message to the ladies and the men about the joys of having ONE WOMAN, and staying committed to the one person you truly love. In the new video, we see two sides of Trey; there’s the “Sex Trey” or male whore...lol which is always with different woman. The other side of Trey is the committed and honest man who meets a beautiful woman, and their relationship develops as the storyline continues.

During the exclusive behind the scenes interview with Essence magazine, Trey drops some knowledge, he says, “In life you make decisions, and you never get to see what would happen if you made a different choice.” So true! Trey wants us to take from his song that we should appreciate what we have with someone because the one wrong decision could end in a lot of regrets. Now, the woman will more than likely agree with him…the men, not so much. Actions speak louder than words men! So, let us know if you agree what Trey that sex ain’t better than love; is it trash or treasure?

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