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XL Urban Media Exclusive: Marc Goone Interview

When I first received the email about this next interview, I'm not going to lie to you, I was a bit hesitant about how I wanted to cover it. On paper you've got a white rapper from Missouri submerging himself into Hip Hop dropping mixtapes. This guy was even scolded in the local press for a remix video to YMCMB's "Every Girl" when going in on girls at his school, Mizzou. When going through his archive of work I found more than that...I found a guy who just wants people to listen. So rather than focus on all the negative aspects or obvious answers I decided to pick Marc's brain. From the good to the bad I simple asked the questions I figured most people would want an answer to and for lack of better wording, I got more than what I expected...


XL: How long have you been rapping and what would you say your goal with rapping is at this point in your life?

Marc Goone: I can remember writing songs as far back as elementary school, but it was always just a hobby.  I’ve been taking it seriously for 3 years now. My short term goal is to live off music.  Comfortably.  Where I can wake up everyday and make music all day, and not have to worry about how I’m going to pay the rent.

Long term, I want to close the gap.  The gap between the music I’m capable of making, and what I have made so far.  I won’t be happy until I do.

In one of your songs I heard you telling listeners you recognize the inevitable comparisons to people like Eminem, Mac Miller & Asher Roth. Do you think it's a good thing or bad thing that people will more than likely compare you to them?

It’s just how it is.  As a new artist, the first question people ask is, “Who do you sound like?”  It’s convenient. But anytime you’re compared to artists as successful as them, you have to take it as a compliment.

On one of your reviews for your mixtape it said that you went through a tedious process putting this project together. Would you describe yourself as a perfectionist with your music or do you just try what you think works?

I’m a perfectionist to a fault.  I spend hours and hours recording songs sometimes, getting every little detail to sound right.  Then the next day I’ll hate it and throw it away.  I over think sh*t for sure. A lot of the time it’s the stuff that I spend the least time on that turns out the best.

Since you live in St. Louis, would you say Missouri is a great place for an up and coming artist? What are the best and (or) worst parts of it in your opinion?

Luckily we’ve got the internet.

The internet has leveled the playing field to some degree - where you’re living as an artist doesn’t matter as much as it used to, but being in Missouri is still a disadvantage.   If rap were baseball, it’d be like playing for the Oakland A’s.  You don’t see the A’s in the highlights on ESPN.  You see Jeter and A-Rod up there every night - even if they’re having a shitty year.

What's one song you've made that you wish the world would listen to and really understand it's meaning?

[A song called] Real Hip Hop.  I can’t stand the phrase - “real hip hop”.  Who are you to tell me what “real” hip hop is?  I hate that elitist underground hipster bullsh*t.  Being a contrarian just for the sake of being a contrarian.  Look, I like Talib Kweli and Aesop Rock too, but I’m not a douche about it.

In terms of music what's one aspect you think really needs improvement from the people who are currently making it?

I don’t know, I like where we’re at right now.  There’s so much good music being put out there’s not enough time to listen to it all.  I don’t feel there’s one sweeping generality you can make.  Radio is f*cked up - but that’s a dying industry.

For the people out there who have never heard your music, what makes your latest mixtape worth listening to?

It’s really good music to cook crystal meth to.  Also, I’ve been told I sound like a young Aretha Franklin.

Uhmm..wow! lol Okay, If this was the last interview you ever did *knocks on wood lol* what's the one thing you'd want to say to anyone who considered themselves a fan of you and your music?

My best music still hasn’t been made.


After this interview I just sort of sat back and kept re-reading. It took me a minute but I realized this guy has the attitude of someone who very well could make it in the industry. The big problem with a lot of people on top is they got there based on one song or one mixtape that shocked listeners. But Marc's road is going to be a tough one, but one I believe will make him one of the best when his time comes to shine. For now check out Marc's latest mixtape below and one of his latest videos included as well. Be honest and let us know what you think of him in the comments below!


Check out Marc Goone's "Frat Rap" video!

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