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Lin-sanity! 3 Reasons Jeremy Lin Is Now Taking Over Your Timeline!


Unless you've been under a rock for the past week, you have heard of Jeremy Lin, the "overnight sensation" for the New York Knicks. After recording career highs in points in three straight games, including going off for 38 points against the Los Angeles Kobes Lakers. Let me guess, you're wondering just like every one else, how did this happen? Why is an undrafted Asian-American Harvard grad dropping no less than 23 points and 7 assists each game? Here's three quick answers to your question.

Lin Is A Smart Player In A League Full of Dummies

There's a reason Charles Barkley apologized for the state of the NBA right now. It's the same reason you can't debate who would win between the Dream Team and the Redeem Team (clearly the Dream Team). It's also the same reason Jeremy Lin succeeds and will continue to succeed. Let's cut the crap...The NBA has dumbed down. Never before has the best big man in the league* (Dwight Howard) had the post game of a 10 year old on a 7 foot hoop. When's the last time one of the top ten point guards in the league averaged over 4 turnovers per game and less than 6 assists (Russell Westbrook). Quick FYI: For the record, Westbrook is the only person who can shut down Kevin Durant.

Don't fall victim to preconceptions, Jeremy Lin is an athlete (as seen in the video below). Lin makes intelligent basketball decisions that take advantage of his athletic abilities. Its like watching someone play 2K versus someone who plays NBA Live. Both games let you have highlight plays, but only NBA2K forces you to think in order to win the game.

Jeremy Lin Has A Point Guards Mentality

Mike 'Antoni (not a typo, I just refuse to put a D in front of his name because he doesn't coach defense) develops systems for point guards to succeed. Jeremy Lin has point guard thoughts. Lin attacks off of ball screens looking to make the best basketball play instead of solely looking for his own shot. Lin scores within the flow of the game taking and hitting open shots while creating many others for his teammates.

I'm not saying he's the next Steve Nash (Lin actually plays defense) but Jeremy is fundamentally sound.

Lin Puts The Focus on "The Team"

In case you haven't seen a Jeremy Lin interview, allow me to break it down for you. Every Jeremy Lin interview consists of a reporter trying to shove personal accolades down Jeremy Lin's throat while he searches for ways to deflect the focus to the team. The Knicks enjoy playing with Jeremy Lin at the helm. Who wouldn't want to be teammates with someone who puts you into position to do well and then gives you credit for doing well. It doesn't look like the Knicks are deferring to Lin in the way they would to STAT or the Black Hole (Melo). They pass the ball to Lin knowing there's a good chance they can get the ball back.

It'll be interesting to see what happens when Amare and Melo return. There's a small chance Amare will remember what it's like to run the pick and roll with a true point guard. There's an even smaller chance that Melo will let Lin have the ball long enough to continue to average over 20 points.

No matter what happens to the Knicks, look for Jeremy Lin to stick around in the NBA for quite some time.

Let us know what you think of Jeremy Lin in the comments section.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yo I havent been watching hoops lately cause I been working alot but Jermey sounds like he be killin these dumb niggas on the court...lol.. His chinese IQ shits on a regular NBA nigga. These type of players balance a team out well. Every team should have a player like this.


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