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What Everybody Ought To Know About The 2012 NBA Playoffs

Now that the Fakers have gone fishin’ and only legitimate contenders are left (as soon as Philly gets eliminated) there are a few things you ought to know about the NBA Playoffs leading to and through the Finals.


Quick, who do you know is capable of shutting down 2 of the top 5 scorers in the NBA? It’s not Metta World Peace. It’s not Dwight Howard. It’s not LeBron James.

Russell Westbrook, the NBA’s 5th leading scorer (23.6 PPG) has the ability to take Kevin Durant, the NBA’s leading scorer (28.0 PPG) out of the game. So many times I find myself yelling at Russell through the screen:


Don’t take that...*hits mid-range jumper over center on pick and roll* – Uhmm Good Shot!

The Thunder will go as far as Westbrook lets them go. Westbrook is the definition of volatile. He kept the Thunder afloat during the 3rd quarters of the Laker defeats. If Russell continues to keep his turnovers low and his true shooting percentage above 50% there may be a stampede parade in Oklahoma City this June.

Russell Westbrook versus Tony Parker will be an interesting matchup. If the refs don’t put Westbrook into foul trouble, Parker may have some trouble getting into the lane at will.  On the flipside, Parker leads a relatively balanced Spurs attack. If/when OKC advance past San Antonio Westbrook will Daequan (Cook) whatever Eastern Conference foe emerges from the other side of the bracket.


As much as people complain hate on Kobe about the calls he may or may not get, people seem to forget about the clear officiating advantage Dwyane Wade has. (see the two videos below)

Think back a year ago to the Finals. Didn’t ya’ll say Wade was The Closer? Last 3 minutes of the game this man routinely turned the ball over. But it’s all LeBron’s fault, right?  If you look at reality, like the team over at Chasing23.com did, you’ll see that when it comes to LeBron vs. Wade in crunch time, LeBron has been consistently better in the playoffs.

Erik Spoelstra and David Stern, if somehow you end up reading this…please get Wade and the NBA officials back in to 2006 form if you want the Heat to win. We all know 2003 LeBron is not enough to beat the Spurs in the Finals and definitely not enough to beat the Thunder.


Some time last year, ESPN and the media powers that be convinced you Spurs basketball was boring and the Los Angeles Clippers were good. The Clippers have been eliminated and Tony Parker’s team got the best of who many consider to be the top PG in the league, Chris Paul. Parker’s modest scoring (18.3 PPG) and assist (7.7 APG, 8th in the league) totals don’t tell the full story.

Make your list of top point guards, I’ll start it off for you with:

  • Chris Paul
  • Derrick Rose
  • Rajon Rondo

If you don’t care about winning you can add Deron Williams or Steve Nash (who only plays defense in All-Star games). You have to put Tony Parker on that list. With the exception of the 3 PGs I gave you, no other point guard has created as many postseason wins as Tony Parker. In Jason Kidd fashion, he’s developed his range out to the 3pt line. Tony Parker’s in between game is immaculate. #pause

He’s an extension of Poppovich on the floor. #PauseAgain

I don’t know who’s going to win the NBA Finals. I had OKC vs. Miami, with Miami winning in 6 before Bosh went out. Now it’s looking like OKC in 6.


What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!


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