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Beauty & Brains: Robin V Photography Interview

I think the biggest problem with modeling these days is the fact that everyone thinks it's a great idea. It's gone from being something many saw as an art to what some turn into a money driven hobby. I mean if you have a pretty face, you're supposed to be a model. Got a Great Shape? Be a model! Take good bathroom pics? BE A MODEL! Well what happens when the girl with the awesome smile and the great figure likes modeling...but still wants more? Well I decided to catch up with a woman who goes by the name of Miss Robin V who one day took over my instagram timeline. Not only is she beautiful but she's an outstanding photographer who took her accomplished modeling career (she was published in some of your favorite magazines) to the next level by getting behind the camera and creating Robin V Photography. We discussed her start in photography and what exactly makes her different than the average photographer.

Read our exclusive interview with Miss Robin V below!

XL: Hey Robin, I read through your bio and it sounds like you've been a lot of places and seen a few things. Where exactly did you get the hunger to do what you do and how long has this been an aspiration for you?

RobinV: My hunger for photography started shortly after my move to Miami from Baltimore in 2003. I worked as a makeup artist and model. I was able see things on both sides of the spectrum behind the scenes as well as in front. My curiosity for photography started to grow and the more I learned about it the more I fell in love with it!


Well let's be honest, you're obviously a beautiful woman! You've been in some of the biggest magazines that urban entertainment has to offer. What was the turning point in your modeling career that made you realize Photography was worth pursuing?

Thank you. I believe the turning point for me was shortly after doing King and XXL magazine. I was like what's next? Where do I go from here? When I became pregnant with my son, the dynamic between me and modeling changed completely. I still wanted to be apart of it but not in the same ways. I realized that photography would allow me to be in a much more fulfilling relationship with modeling.


So how was the conversion from modeling to photography?

It was an easy transition  Everyone from my modeling peers to magazine editors and even photographers embraced me and encouraged it.

[nggallery id=83]

Out of the many shoots you've done which is your most memorable and why?

The most memorable shoot for me wasn't actually a photo shoot 'per-say' but I took some photos of both my son, who was 2 months old at the time, and his father while they were both we're sleeping. This image was so beautiful to me because it told a story about a new life and new love. I became obsessed with wanting to capture even more beautiful stories. That image that sealed the deal for me. Robin V the photographer was born.

There's thousands of photographers around the globe, what makes Robin V so different? 

What makes Robin V different from other photographers is my style of shooting. I like to play around with different lighting techniques because I'm always trying produce something different and more amazing than before.  Which is a reason I always break down and put away my strobes and equipment after every shoot...it forces me not to use the same set up. Also, there's a lot of my personality that exudes through my work. I'm a very "dainty girly girl" with a little bit of an hard edge who loves color and a lot of pop!


You currently have over 7,000 followers on instagram and over 3,000 people reading your tweets on Twitter. How did you gain such a following and why do you think so many tune in to see what you have to say/what you do?

Although im not as active on Twitter as I am on Instagram I often ask myself that very same question lol! But seriously, I think it's because I have a story that is both interesting and inspiring to people.


Is there a special shoot or a big dream/plan you want to accomplish and if you wouldn't mind sharing, what is it?

Yes! My ultimate goal and dream is to one day shoot a big budget fashion story for one of the major magazine such as Vogue, Glamour or Elle. My name along with the big name designers.  Seeing my name on the credits would be so dope! Then I can show it to my son and say "Look what mommy did!"

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We want to end on a more goofy/personal note, so what's one goofy/off the wall fact about Robin V that the average person would never know?

One goofy fact about Robin V. Well I have a twin sister named Rachel who still lives in Baltimore and every time we visit each other I  make sure I have a huge piece of gum in my mouth so when I sit really close 2 her I chew it really loud in her ear. It annoys her so much but it makes her laugh so hard lol. She always says "Robin you're so crazy!" 

Well there you have it ladies and gents, the beautiful Miss Robin V. So now that you know a little bit more about her I want you to do me a small favor...CHECK HER OUT! I've included some of her pictures in the post above so be sure to click those and check out some of Robin V's work. Below I've included ways to stay up to date with her through social media so be sure to follow her as well. Remember folks, no matter what your dream may be, it's never too late to put forth some extra effort and go after it.

Twitter: @MissRobinV 

Instagram: MissRobinV

Web Site: RobinVPhotography.com

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  1. Lia Trane

    what a beautiful woman with such an excellent photography skills i am such a fan and i am so glad richard "rico love" preston jr. had his only child a lovely son by you which is such amazeing blessing he chose very well blessings always love you team robin v and you're twin sister rachel is very blessed to have you as well i am team baltimore also peace..

  2. jessie

    beautiful story..thats an amzing woman and most classy and positive..wife material


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