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10 Signs That Your Casual Sex Relationship Is Becoming Too Deep

We’ve all been situations before where we’re only involved with someone for the sex, so I KNOW that we’ve all experienced that awkward moment when our sex partner wants to be more than just bed wrestling buddies. Most time’s we see the signs and we cut it off before it goes to deep, but if you’re a newcomer to the world of friends with benefits, or just have an issue figuring out people’s intentions, then here’s 10 signs that could possibly mean your casual relationship is getting a little too real.


1.    The amount of time they try & stay after sex keeps extending.

My motto is “get in… get IN… & get out” when it comes to casual sex, and I know most people feel the same. So it’s always awkward when you get done doing the horizontal dougie, and that person is still lying in your bed, looking super comfortable, and attempting to cuddle like they plan on staying the night. Cuddling is almost always a direct reflection of your emotional attachment to someone, so if they’re trying it, watch out!


2.    The personal question’s start.

Maybe it’s just me, but if we’re involved solely for the sake of having sex, I feel like there’s no reason you need to know anything past my name, age, phone number, and address. So when your casual sex partner starts popping up with questions like “what do you want to do with your life”, “how come you aren’t in a relationship”, or “where do you work I might want to come see you”, something is WRONG.



3.    They try and leave clothes at your house.

I don’t even need to really explain this one. “No strings attached” is code for, motherfu**er don’t leave shit at my house!


The “I just wanted to say hey” calls begin.

When this starts happening, it’s time to nip it in the bud, because they’re agenda is OBVIOUSLY different from yours. If you are only sex partners, you should not be hearing from this person outside of booty call hours. Calling just to say hi is a direct violation of the casual sex code and is plain DISRESPECTFUL.


5.    You invite them over for sex & they’re trying to kick it.

Listen, there’s nothing worse than when you call someone over so that you can get some, and they plop down on your couch, and start scrolling through your Netflix, talking about “let’s just watch a movie tonight.” The only movies that should be going on are the one’s ya’ll make. Get naked or go home!


6.    They get jealous when they see you out with someone else.

This is a BIG no no. Your casual sex partner never has the right to get upset with you for seeing other people. If they do that means that they think you’re dating.


7.    Their friends know ALL about you.

When you meet their friends, if they say “oh so YOU’RE ____ I’ve heard so MUCH about you,” shit is getting TOO REAL.


8.    They try and look through your phone.

This is a bold move, because this suggests that they feel like they’re relationship with you is deep enough for them to be able to invade your privacy, due to the fact that they think it’s their business.


9.    They buy you a gift for Valentine’s Day

….. They like you. Plain and simple. Valentine’s Day is the day when couples celebrate their love and feelings for each other, so if you’re getting a  gift on that day, especially one that looks like thought went into it, they view you as theirs.


10.   You get invited to a family event

At this point, if the other 9 signs haven’t caused you to run in the opposite direction, then the time to go is NOW. People in a real relationship don’t even get to meet the family for a certain period of time, so if they’re trying to show you off to their family, they’re secretly planning the venue for your wedding and the names of your future kids as well. GET THE F**K OUT!!!!!



If you are experiencing any, some, or ALL of these signs, your sex partner is def feeling you. And if you are the one doing these things, you need to CHILL!!! Your actions shouldn’t be extending past the humpty hump. You’ll thank me later!


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  1. Pris Killingly

    As long as you're both clear that it's JUST SEX, then these rules should definitely be applicable. But if you're just saying anything they want to hear to get them into bed, then maybe not so much. It's all about being honest and direct. Nice post!


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