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8 Tips To Keeping Your Woman Happy & Quiet

After I released my last piece, “Sex & Sandwiches: 8 tips to keeping your man happy”, I not only received a lot of great reception (thank you all for that J ), but I also received several requests for me to do a counter piece that addressed how men can keep their women happy. Now at first I was like , SCREW THAT, women are way too difficult and confusing for me to try and give ya’ll a play by play on how to keep them happy, but once I really thought about it, I realized that everything women want somehow stems from these 8 simple desires. Pay attention, and remember, if you do these things NOW, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble LATER. Here we go….

1. Security: Here’s the thing… women like to feel secure nshit. They like to know that they don’t have to worry about the status of the relationship, that they don’t have to fret over the next chick, and that they don’t have to question their feelings for you. All of that “you’re my girl, but I’m not ready for titles” bs is for the BIRDS. If you’re down for her, & she rides for you, then make that your girl, before YOU miss out and the next man does.

2. Communication: Let me make this easy for you fellas, so you can quit having to end up angry and wishing that you were single as hell… ANSWER HER QUESTIONS BEFORE SHE ASKS THEM! You’ll save yourself a major migraine, you’ll save time arguing and getting mad, and you’ll save her time having to go FBI on your ass & finding out what you’re up to. If you’re going out with your boys, you know she’s going to want to know details, so tell her up front. If you’re in a bad mood, you know she’s going to bug you about why, so tell her up front. If you think she looks fat in that dress, you know she’s going to be mad when she finds out she looked awful, so TELL HER UP FRONT.


3. Strength: At some point in life, men figured out that if they dropped the ball & stopped taking care of business, women would pick up their slack, and they’ve been acting like female dogs ever since. Well here’s an eye opener: WOMEN DON’T LIKE MEN THAT EXHIBIT FEMALE TENDENCIES. You know what women like? Strong men who they know can protect them, men that don’t whine like little girls when they have to handle business they don’t want to deal with, men who step up to the plate and know how to make tough decisions, and men that can pull their own weight. I don’t care how “independent” and “strong” a woman says she is, she always wants her man to better. Even strong- willed women are willing to put on the shorts so that you can wear the pants. PLAY YOUR POSITION.

4. Romance: Bitches liked to be wined and dined. It’s as simple as that. Surprise her at work with her favorite flowers. Have a hot bubble bath waiting for her when she gets home. Randomly take her to the beach to watch the sunset. Cheesy, movie stuff like that. No pressure, it doesn’t have to be every day… matter of fact it SHOULDN’T be every day or else she’ll get spoiled and start acting like Queen B. But it should be often enough for her to know that she is appreciated and loved.



5. Foreplay: Lick on (THEN) stick on that’s the motto ni**a LOSO. No but seriously, for all you guys who like to just get straight to the humping, that’s NO FUN and it leads to desert dry kitty’s and chaffing. You have to kiss her, hold her, touch her where it makes her tingle, look in her eyes and tell her she’s beautiful, take her underwear off with your teeth, eat strawberries off her breasts, stuff like that. Get her hot and ready, and then you both can enjoy what comes next. Women love sex just as much as men, but you have to remember, it’s harder for women to be satisfied by just intercourse, so you have to prep her. Trust me… your sex life will improve by 85%.


6. Support: You remember when you woke up one day and decided you were going to be a rapper, and your girl drove you around to all your studio sessions and stuff? Then you woke up one day & decided, no, screw that, I want to be a photographer, and your girl helped you book shoots, handled clientele for you, and helped you with creative decision making. Then a month later, you were like, guess what… I want to be the next Michael Jordan, and your girl WAS with you shooting in the gym. Yea, that support your woman always shows you… you know what I’m talking about. Well, WOMEN LIKE THAT AS WELL. Women need to know that you believe in them just as much as they believe in you, that you are down for them like they are you, and that you are proud of any and everything that they decide they want to do. It can’t always be just about you… you have to give her her time to shine.

7. Trust: I truly hope I don’t have to elaborate on this too much. Simply put… DON’T DO DUMB SHIT AND LIE ABOUT IT. Women want to know that they can trust you. And they will back check everything that you do until they think that they can. So either don’t do shit you know you shouldn’t… or don’t lie about the dumb shit that you did! Because she’ll find out!  Oh and SHE NEEDS TO KNOW YOU TRUST HER TOO. So stop tripping on her every time she gets a new guy coworker, or she wants to have a ladies night out. If you made the commitment to be with the girl, you should trust the girl.

8. Show her off: Women like to be shown off. Yes, they want all your friends to know about them. They want your homeboys to be jealous that you have them, they want your home girls to visually see how much you care about them, and they want the world to know that they are yours. Women like to know that you are not ashamed of your relationship, or trying to hide it from someone else…. Ya’ll are good for that, don’t front! But keep in mind, she doesn’t necessarily want everyone to know what ya’ll do, she just wants people to know that ya’ll are a couple. That’s good enough for her.

I hope that I was able to give you some insight on how to not only keep your woman happy, but how to keep her off of your back and off your nerves. It will make for a much better, stronger, and supportive relationship! You can thank me later…

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  1. Sgmoney100

    Real shyt...

  2. Courtney R Jordan

    i likes this and it is very true. Most of the things said on here are why my ex and I are no longer together. Right on the money with this.


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