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Life Would Be So Much Better If You Just Shut Up!

On Twitter I'm an ass, I know it's shocking to hear me admit such a thing but it's true! I'm sarcastic, over the top and a bit unnecessary...all qualities I still have in real life. But outside of Twitter I'm someone that people love to come to and talk about situations with. I'm usually the person that others either seek advice from or end up getting slapped across the face with whether they like it or not. But I've noticed a tendency in the advice I've been giving lately. It wasn't until I saw the latest video from @JerryLaVigneJr that I realized it but I had an epiphany. Most of the problems people have these days is because they simply don't know how to Shut The Hell Up! Maybe that sounded a little rude looks in pocket for a fuck to give...gives up after 15 seconds of searching but it's true. Most people's issue comes from their inability to withhold information not knowing the value of what they know...allow me to clarify below.

So you're on the internet one day and you see a lot of people talking to/about this one person, so like any curious person you decide to follow/friend them to see what all the hype is about. After a few days you don't see much of a reason as to why anybody's following them. They're kind of funny but not really. Kind of attractive but not enough to start feeling Lusty and send a DM. Then one day you see it, the comment that you've been waiting for. It's a short but concise statement but in a matter of a few short characters you now have a small piece of information that relates directly to this person and you realize they've just shared a close piece of themselves with thousands of others. At this point you're curious, a little taken back and maybe even kind of turned off. Well this my friends is what life has turned into for many of us. It's now entertaining for us to share close pieces of information about ourselves, but i ask you...at what price do we freely give others this information? 

Watching Jerry's video he made a great point when saying "It's very rare your friends gon have somethin positive to say about your relationship once they know some bad sh*t..." I speak from experience when I tell you this is more than true. Although your friends like you alot, they're on your side. Which means they're not always going to give you rational advice in a situation once you've already started it off negatively. But taking a deeper look into this, why the f*ck are we giving away this info? People have gotten to a point where there's nothing they won't share with the public and nothing they won't hide from everyone (unless they're insecure or ashamed of it... embarrassing break ups, trains that got ran, little peni...nvm). This way of thinking has put many in a horrible predicament.  The lack of f*cks given about their own situation has led to them inadvertently ruining their own chances at success. Be honest, ladies who wants to give someone a chance after they've already publicly admitted that they had a "Hoe Phase". For me that just let's me know the value of your box is low enough for you to advertise this. Fellas, how many girls are going to want to text you after you tell everyone how you delete any girl who won't send you nudes. Being honest, she'd probably send you one if she didn't think you already had a stack of other random hoes sending them to you. I joke about these things a lot on the internet but I'm beginning to realize this is real life for some.

I think it's safe to say the worst aspect of this is the relationships that this mindset affects. When it's just you in life on your own, you're a bit more willing to divulge a secret or two. But what about when you find Mr. or Mrs. Right? Now it's not just your situation, it's OUR situation! The things you're upset about or overly concerned with not only affect you, it directly affects the person sitting next to you trying to help you through it. Many people's transition from the single life to the "I love me some him/ her" is quick. One day they're telling you how dry their inbox is, next day it's subtweets about their ex because new love has taken over. So my question is, if you love/need that person why advertise everything you do together? By telling Twitter, Facebook and shit even your close friends about you two's relationship, you're including another person on a situation that has nothing to do with them. And more times than not, nothing positive comes from this. You tell them about a problem, they tell you how much better you are than this and the next thing you know you're on Twitter telling the world you're better off alone while you cry your struggle tears at home. So by seeking an immediate solution, you've actually just created another problem worse than the one you had to begin with.

So after saying all this, what's my two cents? What's the golden nugget of advice I'm going to bestow upon you? What is the ONE THING I want you to talk away from all this? SHUT THE HELL UP! People are ruining their lives trying to trade personal information for retweets and likes on the internet. We all have parts of our lives that we want to share or get advice about but sometimes it's better to struggle alone and come out on top than be a winner who owes their success to a long list of sponsors. People get upset when I say this but i judge people...a lot! And the world does too. Don't believe me, then find the ugliest picture you can find of yourself and make it your avi...I DARE YOU!  But back to my original point...You should be your own worst critic! I know I am. I analyze the good and bad parts of my life and try to balance what areas need more work, so other people's opinions of me usually don't frustrate me too much. But for those of you who have to tell their life story to anyone bored enough to listen, I'll leave you with a very important quote Jerry used in his video..

You love to talk about marriage? Have ya top lip marry ya bottom lip AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

I included Jerry's video at the bottom so be sure to check it out and let me know what you think of the video and my blog in the comments section.

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  1. Dmpettigrew1s

    I completely agree! Ya gotta have some things you don't say, won't tell, won't agree with, and won't RT and its for all the reasons Chester pointed out. You devalue your life when you give too much of yourself to others, it's the same concept as a woman's goodies! also, keep those Fing years off twitter cuz nobody cares, at least not like you want them too.


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