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#MondayMotivation “Ask, Anticipate, Act!”

"What do you want out of life?" My boss asked me that randomly the other day. After giving my answer, I was slightly disappointed in myself. I replied that I wanted to live up to my full potential and not settle for mediocrity, which of course is true. I was disappointed because as I replayed the scene in my mind, I don't remember sounding, being, or feeling as enthusiastic as I should have. Because I aspire to be a motivational speaker, I should have used that opportunity to practice speaking! I should have acted as if I already am a speaker by doing what a speaker would do in that situation. I realize that I am my own worst critic and probably being slightly hard on myself, but if I don't raise the standards held for me, who will? I'm grateful I noticed this flaw and now I can do what is necessary to improve upon it.

In my mind, I am already a motivational speaker but there are certain things I need to do and certain lessons I need to learn before this is realized and manifested in the physical. I understand that success is a process. There are things I must do daily which will bring me closer to accomplishing this. The longer I procrastinate and allow myself to be distracted from the work that I need to do, the further I push my desires away from me.

Whatever it is that you want in life, first ask for it. Even if you're unsure of what you want out of life and the direction you'd like to go in, but you would like direction, ask for it. Make it known to yourself what you want and nurture your belief in yourself to get it. After you ask, anticipate an opportunity for it to show up in your life. Then you must act. Act as if you already have it. By acting as if, you are actually commanding what you want to show up in your life. Acting as if shows life that you are confident in your ability to create a life you love living. If all your dreams came true today, would you still be doing the things you do now? What would the best version of you do?

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