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#MondayMotivation Do Everything, Stay Inspired!! #DESI

I know my weekly posts are called #MondayMotivation, but that's only for the alliteration. I hope in actuality they're moreso inspiration (Every now and then I like to get my Dr. Seuss on, #WordplayDesirée lol). Motivation should be intrinsic. You shouldn't need anyone else to motivate you, you should do that yourself. There should be a well-lit fire inside that keeps you living your best life. Inspiration can be anything external that reminds you of who you really are and moves you to the point where you have to take action. Anything that makes you feel like the world is yours for the taking and makes you wanna go out and grab it!

I have a variety of sources for inspiration. Music, blogs, movies, books, pictures, random convos, celebrity interviews, and dance just to name a few. All of those things have the ability to put me in a place where I'm being authentically me, so I try to surround myself with those things as much as possible.  I am an avid reader and I read things which will remind me to stay focused on my goals daily. Being the best me I can is something I work at 24/7 and Lord knows there are times when I fall short but I have all these tools here to help me. My favorite thing about twitter in the morning is the inspirational and insightful tweets from people. Things like that start my day off right and have a definite impact on how the rest of my day goes.

There are times when we can fall into a cycle of complaining, discussing what #him was doing with #her, worrying about the wrong things, or doing things that keep us busy instead of productive. If something makes you feel like you're less than amazing, why breathe life into it by giving it energy? Only focus on the things and people that can help you progress. Of course there will always be other things in the picture that may be less appealing to the eye, but whatever you focus on you keep relevant.  Listen to that song that makes you dance. Read that book that takes you to paradise. Talk to that person that lifts you up. Hang with that person who's drive you admire. Or better yet, be that person who's drive someone else can admire.

What insipres you? Do more of it, NOW!!

Love, Live, Desi

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    Love it!!! thank you!!


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