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#MondayMotivation Do You Wanna Wake Up Dead?

I forget the entire convo, I just remember my aunt asking my little cousin one day, "Do you wanna wake up dead?" At the time it really cracked me up. It makes no sense, at first thought. If you're dead how are you gonna wake up?

One of the things I do to keep myself on track is to find a life lesson in every situation or how it somehow relates to some life lesson because all things mirror each other. Have you ever been given a sentence and had to make as many words using the letters in the sentence as you can? I do that with life, take a situation or word and see how many different meanings I can give it to apply it to life. Death does not have to only equal not breathing in a casket. Death can be any experience that is beautifully liberating.  Anytime you let go of a person, a habit, or a material item, you can say a part of you has died. I aim to die at least once everyday. When I wake up in the morning, I am reborn, renewed, and ready for another day's journey. Waking up feeling hesitant to get out of bed because you dread the routine you've fallen into is waking up dead. Complacent routine life is not living at all. Its sleepwalking. When I workout with my trainer, he usually checks in and asks me on a scale of 1-10 how I feel in terms of level of difficulty. I usually respond I'm dead, on the brink of dying, or on death number 3 or whatever if I'm being pushed beyond my limits. And that's exactly what I aim for. In that moment a hurdle on the way to being the best Desi I can be was conquered. Every barrier I break through, every circumstance I overcome, and every opportunity to make a better choice than I have in the past, helps a part of fear or a limiting belief I have about myself diminish. Then I reemerge a new, stronger, wiser Me... just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Die today as many times as you can so tomorrow you can wake up so in love with life that you refuse to wake up dead.

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  1. Ofamalohi

    luv it...i needed to read that ...thanx keep the hard work up i agreee as to be reborn again!!


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