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#MondayMotivation “An EQ of Highs & Lows”

"Life ain't nothing but an EQ of highs and lows." - Big Krit

Regardless of whether you like it or not, life includes challenges. No one is exempt from experiencing trying times or seemingly unexpected and?or unfavorable circumstances at some point in time. I say seemingly because we choose the meaning of every experience we have. For instance the death of a loved one. We can choose to see it as a wake up call, a reminder to use our time wisely while here and appreciate people while they're here. Or we can look at death as loss of love or whatever that person who transitioned meant to us and we can consider it gone forever. The difference between these two meanings is that in choosing the latter we are choosing suffering for ourselves. Yes it is painful when someone dies and we need time to grieve but at some point life is still happening and we have to get back in the game. There are a multitude of challenges that we experience; job loss, financial setbacks, ending relationships, or plans needing to be altered. It seems most people have trouble maintaining their cool during lows. What keeps me from stressing is always giving situations empowering meanings. At first it was hard and something I had to work at but with time it became second nature. I look for the lesson in everything. I don't see anything as a loss. If a job or relationship ends, I tell myself something better is on the way which turns it into a win. I reflect on the experience and see where I may not have given my all and promise myself to do better next time. If on the other hand I did my all and the situation still didn't work out according to plan, it wasn't my time yet. If I'm not making the money I think I should, I must not be adding enough value to the lives of others or I'm not being creative enough. In any situation I look for what I can do to fix it. There is always a solution to every problem. But if the problem is all you focus on, you're wasting your energy.

It may be a little cloudy but I promise every situation has a silver lining somewhere. At times it isn't an immediately visible one or you may have to look a little closer to see it, but good can be found in any situation. It's one of the many paradoxes in life, something can be amazingly awesome and as equally detrimental. The difference is in which picture we choose to see.  As I stressed last week, it comes down to choice and whatever you choose is how it will be. If you're constantly saying, "If it ain't one thing it's another," when something unexpected arises, with that thought and those words leaving your mouth you are telling yourself that you have given up your power to take action and change things. You are accepting that things happen and that you're just gonna sit back and watch instead of doing what you can.

There is a law of polarities that says everything has an opposite. Nothing can exist without it's opposite. Without lows and challenges, we would never appreciate our highs. The trick is to constantly remind yourself that setbacks won't last. Highs and lows will always balance out. Look at the weather, we've had a 10 day stretch of temperatures over 100 degrees here in St. Louis. Though it seems the cycles are somewhat changing, rain and cool weather will eventually come for us. Just as in our lives, opportunities for the improvement of our circumstances will eventually come. Life can change in the blink of an eye, we must stay flexible yet strong. Next time life throws you a curve ball, take a deep breath, look in the mirror and say, "I got this. I'm gonna turn this in to something that works for me." (shoutout to Big Krit for the quotables lol) Look for the lessons and be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow. You have to grow to reach your goals. Try it just for a day. When something happens that shakes you up, force yourself to flip it into a lesson or something beneficial to you. Let me know how things go!

-Don't Ever Say Impossible

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