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#MondayMotivation Grant Me the Serenity!

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." When I first began trying to overcome my negative traits (things like being vengeful, petty, handing out tongue lashings, and whatever other habits I had that were keeping me from really from being the best me) this was my go to prayer in the midst of trying moments. Tests are a part of life. Whether you decide to change something or not, you will be tested. Your response to these tests and the effort exerted will either confirm your commitment to your goal or show you that you really don't want it badly enough.

For example, I used to struggle in my relationships because I thought if I did something a particular way, my partner's reaction would be the same as mine would if the tables were turned. Let's say it was my significant other's birthday, I would go all out to plan something special for him or put a lot of thought and time into choosing what would be the perfect gift to show him my appreciation. When my birthday rolled around and I received a card...along with a call from one of the other chicks he was dealing with at the time, my feelings would be hurt. Perfect time to recite the Serenity Prayer instead of acting like a psychotic bitch who wants him to feel my pain right? lol I had to realize that my intentions weren't the best. Yes my heart was in the right place for wanting to do something special for someone, but I was only doing it because I expected it to be reciprocated instead of giving freely. You cannot control other's reactions to your actions.  It's a simple truth that is often so hard to accept. All you can do is your best and make sure your intentions are good. This is where the wisdom to know the difference kicks in. All true benefits are mutual. True meaning healthy, unconditional, and everlasting. No good deed goes unrewarded but the reward may not always come in the same way or at the same time as the action. Patience, grasshopper.

All you control is you. That job you hate going to in the morning, you choose to work there. That person who sucks the energy out of you like a blood sucking vampire, you choose to interact with them. That situation that you know is not progressing in anyway, you choose stagnation. That hurt  from what he or she said or did, you choose to feel. Not saying any of these are good or bad, they are all a part of life. The issue lies in not acting to change them. Or moreso resisting change because of fear. Yeah, yeah, yeah, change is hard. Blah, blah, blah. Whatever. So what. Do it anyway. By force or by choice, we are all faced with change and challenges. We all know everything we need to do. We don't need other's approval, consent, or opinion. We need to act upon and face our fears. We need to be so in tune with ourselves that we act only in ways that truly show we accept responsibility for ourselves and our happiness. If you want to be happy, be happy. Live happiness. The longer you say you want to be happy but continue doing the things and surrounding yourself with people and situations that contradict that, the longer you will live at war within. Find your happy. Instead of complaining today, choose to control the controllable, be clear in your intentions, and peace and happiness will be yours.

-Don't Ever Say Impossible

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