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#MondayMotivation Luck Is A Lie

People who are quick to blame whatever is going on in their life on luck are liars. They are lying to themselves about their refusal to be held accountable for their actions and to convince themselves of this lie, they blame luck. People who usually rely on luck to get them through life are drifters. They drift through life without a plan to work which of course means they aren't working on a plan.

Luck is nothing more than being prepared when an opportunity presents itself. Think about the last thing you really wanted but didn't get, let's use money as an example. We all want more money but are we really ready for it? Hear me out before writing me off as crazy lol. It's known that actions carry much more weight than our words alone, so more than just saying we want something, we need to act accordingly to support our words. You might say you're ready for more money but how can that be true if you don't manage what you already have. If you waste $1 on stuff, you'll waste $100 on stuff as opposed to spending it wisely. You will never have more of anything until you value what you already have. I attended a web seminar last week given by Neale Donald Walsch who is a favorite author of mine. What stuck out to me most was him saying, "If you want what you have, you can have what you want." It's one of those paradoxical statements that the ego rejects when it first hears because we want things to be easy.

We want what we want and we want it now. But that's not how it works. Proof of you being deserving of more of anything lies in your ability to go above and beyond what's currently required with no other motivation than to  fulfill a personal need. If I'm an employer, I'm going to promote the employee that already does more than what I delegate because they are already yielding me a greater return on my investment. If I'm dating and looking to progress toward a relationship, I'm going to take the guy who is already putting forth the effort and showing me that that is what he is interested in working toward also. If you want to have good luck, do more than is required. In doing more and putting forth energy, more opportunities to do more will come to you. Luck is nothing more than an effect of your actions. If you think you're having bad luck, maybe just maybe you're not acting right.

-Don't Ever Say Impossible

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