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#MondayMotivation Make it Happen!

Anything in your life that you don't like is only in your life because you have accepted it. Whether it's your job, people, or family life, every single circumstance that is present only stays relevant because you allow it to. By "accept & allow" I mean you haven't decided to take effective action to change these things. Recently I was reading "The Awakening Course" by Joe Vitale and the statement that stood out most to me in that book read, "It may not be your fault but it's your responsibility." At first thought, my mind went to work situations. Have you ever been in an environment where no one would accept responsibility when something went wrong? Any mistakes or things that didn't go as planned were always blamed on someone else instead of people simply saying, "This is what went wrong, this is why, and this is what I can do to prevent it happening next time." We all have our unique roles in our environments, imagine if everyone took this attitude and accepted their responsibility for what went wrong in situations as opposed to wasting time to tell the next person what we think they should be doing. If every person only looked at what they can do to fix a problem and did it, there would be a lot less issues. Instead of pointing the finger at the person across the room, forgetting the other person and only worrying about self for just a moment could provide so much more opportunity for kinks to be ironed out and conflicts resolved.

What if this is the attitude more people approached life with? Instead of continually expressing what isn't going as well as expected in our life (aka complaining) what if you found the source of the issue, the role you played in contributing to the issue, and create and execute a plan to resolve it. Whether it's your weight, your job, your financial situation, or a relationship, when things go awry, reflect and be resolute. It may not be your fault that you were taught in your childhood that food is comfort and you should eat whatever you feel when you feel but it is your responsibility to change that behavior. It's not your fault that you grew up around people with a mindset of infinite lack and struggle and as a result you believe you have to struggle throughout life and it's the only way, but it's your responsibility to do something different and change your mindset to focus on success. It's not your fault that your significant other lied to you but it's your responsibility to know you are worth the truth and to remove yourself from any situation that is not yielding you the necessary return you feel is acceptable or more than what you have invested. It's not your fault that your job cut your hours because business is slow but it's your responsibility to be more creative in determining sources of income.

In any situation, there's at least two choices;  refuse or accept responsibility. It's not really a matter of right and wrong, but either choice will provide a certain set of results. It's simply cause and effect. Life is a lot easier and rewarding to the one who chooses to accept responsibility. You empower yourself by making a choice and by taking action. If you feel helpless or unclear about any situation, make a decision to change it and follow through. It's amazing what a little action in the right direction can do. Stop waiting for life to get better or for things to change. Make things change. Make things better. Your life is yours to live, it does no good blaming others for the living you aren't doing. Things happen and they aren't always your fault. However, it is always your responsibility to respond in a way that shows you value yourself. If you care about you, be responsible and do what you have to do to get you where you want to be.

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