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#MondayMotivation You Don’t Know My Life!!!

Here I am, 25 years old in my final year of medical school. I'm well on my way to becoming the most successful pediatrician produced by Northwestern University. My fiancé is the most awesome man in the world! He's in his second year at his law firm, working toward making partner. He's 6'4, has good hair, and never misses the opportunity to treat me like the goddess I am.We're getting married this summer, traveling in between working for the next two years and then we're gonna start our family. Everything is perfect!!! See my smile -------> :-) I'm living the American dream.

Ok, so that's definitely not my life lol but when I was 12, you couldn't tell me that's not how things were going to be. I had it all mapped out. Then real life, things that weren't in my plan, happened. "Lost 92 bricks and I had to fall back"...well really not really but I've always wanted to use that Jay Z line in conversation. I'm actually a single, college dropout with a suspended license nearing 30 by the day. Sounds appealing right? Though these are facts, there is more to me than this so I focus on the more because that is whats really important. Imagine if that was my pick up line when I approached a guy, they would probably dismiss me with the quickness. When creating your resume or applying for a job, you highlight your strong points and give an explanation of and a plan for strengthening your weakness. Why not take that same approach toward your life?

One of the natural laws of the universe is the law of vibration, also known as the law of attraction. Every successful person swears by this law. In a nutshell it states that like attracts like, in other words what you focus on will only become more popular in your life. If all I do is think about the fact that I'm single, everything will remind me of  that. If I focus on the fact that I haven't yet graduated from a prestigious four year university, the universe will constantly do what it can to keep that thought in my life. Now if I change my mind or focus on something else, it too will only become more popular in my life. Regardless of those three facts, I am still one of the dopest chicks with the sexiest mind you'll ever meet and the happiest I can remember being since life happened. And that is what I choose to focus on. How can I be happy without a #him or a degree or whatever while life happens? I'll let you in on a little secret, it's really quite simple; I CHOOSE TO BE. This is the life I chose. Anytime I'm on the verge of being stressed I say that to myself to remind myself that every circumstance is nothing more than an effect of a prior choice that I made and circumstances will always change. You choose whether or not the circumstances will change in your favor with the decisions you make everyday. Obviously I made some decisions that weren't the best. Then one day I decided to be the best Desirée I can be. I took time to honestly analyze and asses myself and work on whatever I didn't like. I focus on my strengths and what I DO have.

One of my biggest accomplishments is the emotional and mental drama I have overcome. I have a mind which understands that the possibilities in this world are infinite and that is more than enough to be grateful for. Focus on what you have and work with it to the best of your ability so you can attract more to work with in your life. Why should you be given more of anything, be it money, free time, healthier relationships, or anything you think you "need" if you don't even use what you already have wisely? Whatever you don't have, you have the ability to acquire, be grateful for that at least.

Choose your focus and choose your life.

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