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#MondayMotivation “I Just Wanna Be Successful”

"Success comes after your passion has been identified." -Unknown

We all desire success but because the road there requires great faith and releasing the need for complete certainty, few decide to travel it. I have studied successful people for years. I think I have a pretty good idea of what it takes to be successful. For years all I did was collect and assess the strategies of others but now I realize I must also act. But to stay on topic, the first step is realizing what you're passionate about. For me it's using my words to empower and uplift people. I can write and offer encouraging words to people all day everyday regardless of pay. My pay is the joy I feel, the electricity that jolts through me when someone reads something I wrote and it helps them breakthrough a limiting belief they have about their life. I am genuinely happy when someone reads my words that were so infused with energy, that they leaped off of the page or screen and into my reader's thoughts painting a picture of bliss in the canvas of their mind. My mission is accomplished when I have helped offer them a new perspective or insight that they otherwise may not have acquired. That is what I live for. I knew this for years. I knew I wanted to write, but I was afraid. Afraid of being judged. Afraid of no one being able to relate. Afraid of not being good at what I do. Afraid of reliving old emotions and being stuck in my past, stuck being who I was preventing me from being who I'm intended to be.

"To become oneself by finding a way to contribute one's godgiven talents and natural genius to this troubled world; that is the job to keep applying for. The real work in this life is not simply to succeed and 'become somebody'; the real issue is to become one's intended self."

The first step to being you, the successful soul that you are intended to be, is finding out where your passion lies. What do you love? Browsing twitter the other day, I came across the Kevin Liles challenge. I've seen it tweeted numerous times before but I wasn't doing anything so I decided to check it out. It a list of circumstances where you decide which ones would you most and least likely see yourself engaged in. If you're honest in answering the questions, it can definitely point you in the right direction. It only took about 3 minutes and it gives you results and suggestions for which careers or life paths you would be most fulfilled in. If you're interested in the assessment go to kevinlileschallenge.com It was very accurate for me. Love is the strongest energy and when channeled and added to time and commitment, it's inevitable to be successful. Exert your energy and time on things that are contingent to your success and being the best you that you can be.

-Don't Ever Say Impossible

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