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#MondayMotivation “You Not Gon’ Followback??”

Reciprocity is lovely. Everyone enjoys when their good deeds are reciprocated. But what about our negative actions, are we as receptive to them being reciprocated also? Of course not. When someone projects some negative emotion toward you, could it be a prior action completing it's cycle and coming back to you? It seems so many people want something for nothing. They hold back in relationships until they see what the other person's cards but the other person could be doing the same thing. Then what? Someone folds. Even though one or both wanted to be all in, for fear of loss, they held out and ended up with nothing anyway. I am the opposite. I'm all or nothing while at the same time paying attention so that I know when it's time to fold and cut my losses early. The quicker I cut a loss, the quicker I can be on my way to my next win. Our actions shouldn't solely rely on the actions of another. Our actions should reflect commitments we made to ourselves. We should do things because they feel right and as a way to show ourselves first just what we can do with our effort. Kinda like following people on twitter, follow because you want to, not just because you're hoping they follow you back lol. Although your deed, whether good or bad, is not repaid in that moment by that person, eventually the universe will find a way to repay you. The cost of giving anything is receiving it back.

A situation can only lack what you are not giving. Want more communication? Communicate more. Want more affection? Be affectionate. Is there a chance it won't be returned? Definitely! You should be grateful for not receiving reciprocity because that's your sign to let go. That is your warning that something is not right, your foreshadowing of things not in alignment with your plan. Face the fear of making a decision. Often times we won't ask a question because our next move depends on the answer and it's so much easier to stay where we are. For so long I was afraid to express myself in relationships because that meant I had to take responsibility for whatever happens next. There is no, "he hurt me." I hurt myself by keeping myself in a situation that was often times previously proven to not serve my purpose.

As of late, this is one lesson that's been frequently on my syllabus of life. I am trusting my intuition more and as hard as it may be, I must remove myself from situations and distance myself from people that aren't for the betterment of me. It's one thing to say I want something but if my actions don't support that, I will remain at war internally because of the inconsistency in the way I am treating myself. I have to align my thoughts, words, and actions in order to remain at peace and really live. There is so much liberation in releasing what I don't need. What have you done for you lately?

-Don't Ever Say Impossible

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