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#MondayMotivation You On That Slaveship Today Or Nah?

For most, today is just a break from the physical aspect of modern day slavery. A day where they don't have to punch a clock and pick cotton for their master as the overseer seeks to tell them what they can do better. This is the dreaded reality most people face when they wake up everyday. We're reluctant to get out of bed because we're heading to do something we hate or see as nothing more than the means to an end. We're unhappy because we're conditioned to think that this is supposed to be the American Dream, get a job making enough money to pay our bills, get married, produce some offspring, and die. I remember thinking, "Is this really all there is to life?" I committed to finding my truth about life and now that I've found it, I see a whole new world. I won't get into all of the specifics right now but regarding jobs, as with life they are what you make them. Realize you are not powerless, you always have the power of choice. You choose to work your job and you choose the reason you work it. If you're only working to pay bills maybe it's time for a change in a more fulfilling direction. I know we all have bills and they need to be paid but also know that no job or situation is permanent. Things always change. The work you put in either prepares you for that change or sets you back further from your ultimate goal.

Look at your job as a temporary aid on your road to greatness. Be thankful you have a job that allows you to pay your bills and hold you over until you get where you want to be. But don't ignore the passion in you that wants more. You may have to multitask for awhile until you have put in enough work so that you can be sustained by your dreams but know that the awkwardness and uncomfortableness (they're words in Desi's dictionary lol) is only temporary. You may want to make it to the top of whatever company you work for. Understand that it is a process that wont happen overnight. But what you do during the day is what will determine if you actually get there. Just as seeds must be planted for flowers and trees to grow, our actions today should stem from magnitude of the hunger for our desires of tomorrow.

To all my fellow dream chasers, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and those who aspire to be great, you must have faith and commit. Just because you're off from your job, that doesn't mean you don't have to go to work. Use today to spend some time chasing your dream. Take a step in the direction of your goals. Though we often only see the finished product, greatness is not comprised of only one step. It's all of the baby steps that get you where you're trying to go. We always say we don't have time to do it all but I look at people like Beyonce, Jay Z, Tony Robbins, Oprah, and anyone who has achieved success and their work ethic. We all are granted 24 hours per day. If they can multitask and handle all of the ventures that consume their lives, I know I can too. Do you really not have the time or are you just not using it wisely?

Love, Live, Desi


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