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#TheStruggle Living Above Mediocrity

Let's be real, we all know some people who need to get their shit together! Enough with the sugarcoating and the talking around the subject let's just put it on the table...PEOPLE-GOT-ISSUES! And since we're keeping it real that person staring back at you in the mirror every morning may just apply to that first sentence. But what are you to do when you find yourself surrounded by #TheStruggle? You analyze your life, your associates, your current situations and realize those dreams and aspirations you had this time last year are much farther away than you expected them to be. So how do you fix it, you've made the choices now what? Lie in the bed you've made? Not exactly, follow me please...

Being a father at (what I personally consider) an early age there's one thing I learned quite early in my young adult life...People F*ck Up! And I know what you're thinking too...

"Damn Chester, that's a little over the top don't ya think? Can't you just let people cook?" 

I have an answer to that....NO YOU CAN NOT! Because that's what got you in the position you're in right now. People wait until they've hit the brick wall going 95 mph to finally admit that maybe they were going a little too fast. But guess what...it's too late by then. One of the biggest issues with becoming an adult for many is dropping the childlike mentality and adopting the ability to hold themselves responsible for their own success AND failures. When things go wrong it's much easier to point the finger at someone else than to put on your big boy/big girl pants and admit I'm an adult and I need to get it together. Don't believe me? Think I'm a hater? Alright. For all the non-believers I want you to follow these four steps below!


1. Go on your favorite social networking site (preferrably Instagram or Twitter)

2. Find someone desperately seeking attention (ThirstTraps & Most People NOT FAMOUS with Over 5,000 followers)

3. Tell them you don't agree with them or that it's obvious that they just want some attention

4. Grab some popcorn and watch your notifcations start going nuts


Now I'm sure everyone won't try out what I just listed above but it works (as long as you're not a bully that gets excited off seeing their notifications go crazy). People in 2012 hate to be proven wrong, it's almost like people get offended when you actually have the audacity to say you don't agree with something they have to say. And there lies the problem ladies & gents. When you can no longer be real and honest with yourself, you slowly sink into a pit of mediocrity and the only person that can pull you out is yourself. Sometimes it takes someone else to point it out but in the end you have to be your own best friend. If you don't want to see all your friends succeed IN REAL LIFE while you sit on Twitter retweeting the same instagram pics of African Children and dumbass Love & Hip Hop ATL quotes , then you've got to get to work!

My biggest problem is that I would rather point out others flaws and inaccuracies than take a long deep look in the mirror and figure out what I should be working on to fix my own situations. And hence my Twitter is nonexistent. I realized I was investing more time entertaining people I'd never meet than putting myself where I wanted to be in life. These things happen but it's important that I realize this is a problem I created so it's up to me to fix it rather than ignore it by going in on everyone else's problems. So until I become the father I want to be, the writer I want the world to see me as and the hustler who creates success rather than waiting on it to fall from the sky...I continue my grind alone. I challenge you all to find what areas of life you may ignore or not give enough attention and map your blueprint. Find the problem and create a blueprint to success!


Stay Tuned For More Of #TheStruggle Series By Dj Chester

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1 Comment

  1. Ash Kay

    *Applauds* I couldn't agree more. One reason I'm barely on Twitter to be honest. The same topics and complaints by the same people looking for a change with no work done. I learned during my college years to not complain alone if I didn't see myself trying to fix a problem. I accept what I can't change and change what I can. No sense living life unhappy if you know what it takes to be happy. Money and popularity shouldn't be on the top of most of our generation's priority list, but whatever not my problem.


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