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Trash or Treasure: What Do You Know About Black History?

In the effort of celebrating Black History Month, I stumbled upon a video that totally degraded the meaning behind Black History Month. In a video titled, “What do you know about black history?” from a YouTube channel created by scratchmybackerman, a white guy is being applied with dark makeup to appear darker or “black.” He goes around the campus of Brigham Young University to interview students (mostly whites) to give their opinions on Black History Month and simply…black people. This video was disturbing and yet eye opening to see how some whites actually depict black people to be today. I believe that the only thing good thing that came out of this video is the reassurance that we are still in an ignorant mind state.

During the interview, the white guy (posing as a black guy) asks, “Can you name any black historical figures?” About 98% of the students said Martin Luther King Jr. (Duh…who doesn’t know MLK!) The other 2% replied Malcolm X, and when asked what Malcolm X did, one girl said, “He was like umm…, bad.” Also, to add insult to injury, when asked to impersonate how black people act; I couldn’t even count the many stereotypical responses. So, I just want say to all black people: Please learn your history, and act like you give damn; and white people (ignorant ones)….keep your mouths shut if you are going to say something stupid. This video is definitely trash; the ignorance shown, and treasure; it helps to realize that we still have a long way to go. Tell us what you all think about this.

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