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Can Android Bounce Back from the iPhone Smackdown?

Seems like just yesterday everyone I knew was attempting to get their hands on the all new HTC Evo, the large screen with the HDMI outputs and sleek design was one of the hottest looks many in the tech world had seen with such a great processor. Well about two summers later we now sit in a different world. These days it seems like just about everyone is cashing in their last $100- $200 to get their hands on an Apple iPhone 4 or 4S. I myself even got caught up in the hype purchasing one strictly as a business line. But as time goes on we're seeing upgrades in Android devices, but the question worth asking for me personally is, IS IT TOO LATE FOR ANDROID TO BOUNCE BACK? 

Now for those of you who don't keep up with technology or smartphones I'll attempt to break things down for you. All in all, Android got left behind. Now many will ask how phones with an open market app store, the ability to change and maneuver your entire home screen and Google power behind you can get left behind. Well it's simple really! The HTC Evo 4G may have been one of the highlights of the Android movement. After many different styles and brands of phones, Android finally got to a place where no one had anything like it. The biggest and clearest screen, the fastest processor and the ability to view your phone in HD on a flat screen. But the problem came when the phone stopped living up to the hype.

The biggest issue was the battery. And slowly but surely it came to light that this was a common problem with many Android devices; a problem that Apple tackled the moment it saw a sign of weakness. Now although Apple had a closed market for its apps and a relatively smaller screen, there was one huge benefit it had over Android...STABILITY! With so many owning the Apple iPad 2 and lusting over the Mac Computers, it seems as if the only "cool" option is to trust Apple for your technology needs. But keep in mind, for many of the concerns people had with Android they found security with Apple. Gone were the days of "Force Closes" and 15% Battery Alerts every 45 minutes. Here and here alone is what began the shift in where many's view of Apple was formed. From here it became Apple's ability to produce one app after another that was available only to Apple users. Now the list of Apple's benefits run fairly long, but my question still remains unanswered..Can Android Bounce Back? 

With the latest release of the HTC One (HTC One X if you're with AT&T) it seems like Android is giving users another reason to be excited about their phones again. And with apps like Instagram becoming available to Android after a long wait (click here to read my meaningless rant about it), it looks like tides may be turning. But is it enough to bring those who have converted to the iPhone back again? And with rumors steady floating about the iPhone 5 and the wonders it will behold, I wonder where the future of the Android vs iPhone battle will take us. But I'm intersted in what you think.


Do you own an Android or an iPhone? Have you owned both? Do you like your phone and would you ever switch to the other side? Why or why not? 

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