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iPad 3 is Coming Next Week…But Is It Really Worth The Money?

If you're like me, you're a smart shopper! You're not afraid to spend money, but you always have a few questions to ask before you hand over that good ol' debit card to the store attendant. Well for all of those who have been wondering what the iPad 3 will do differently than it's predecessors, the list of features has finally been released and I will happily break them down for you. But I must warn you, if you were expecting a brand new tablet with a list of features longer than Adele's Grammy nominations, you may be a little disappointed. But don't fret, I'll let you know what to expect from the brand new Apple iPad 3! 

The first question, When Does it Release? The Apple iPad 3 will be releasing on March 16th, but you can now pre-order the tablet online. Next you're wondering, what makes the iPad 3 worth purchasing over the Apple iPad 2? Well allow me to take care of that question in a quick breakdown. First the iPad 3 is boasting a new Retina Display. For everyone who isn't tech savvy and is still wondering what this means...IT'S SUPER CLEAR! They completely changed how many pixels they could squeeze into a tablet, and ended up giving it a 2048 x 1536 display. That's more pixels than you will find in ANY flat screen TV. This means text, video, pictures and everything else on the iPad 3 will be clearer. Next is the new AX5 processor that they've developed to better handle the new increase in pixels and allow you to run the tablet faster than ever before. So obviously your next question is about the battery life since they're adding so much power into it. Well Apple's answer is relatively simple, nothing! Even with the new display and the better processor you can expect the same 10 hour battery life you could expect from the iPad 2. This may not sound like a big deal but this is definitely worth paying attention to.

To add to the list of features is a better 5-megapixel camera which includes iSight now making it possible to shoot 1080p HD video from your iPad 3. There's even a new filter built into the camera to keep out harmful IR light and give you better pictures. The last major change is the addition of 4G on the iPad 3. It now supports virtually every form of connectivity whether it be bluetooth or even Verizon's 4G LTE network. Besides this you can expect the same features that the iPad 2 had as far as iCloud and the new iOS 5.1 software. Also if you're a music lover don't forget to check out the new addition's to the iHome including the upgrade to Garageband (you can now create music with others running the program on their iPad).

Hold on I'm getting good at this whole mind reading thing..you're now wondering...WOULD I BUY ONE? Well I do have an answer for you...and it's Maybe! Now don't get me wrong, the features the iPad 3 adds are pretty awesome. But if you own a iPad 2 I WOULD NOT upgrade to an iPad 3. We're virtually looking at the exact same tablet with a better screen and a slightly better processor. It's the exact same situation as the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S. It's virtually the same there's just one or two things different between the two. I'm a little upset the iPad 3 doesn't include Siri but thinking about it, how many people actually use Siri on a day to day basis? Not too many besides the nerds that want to look cool asking questions they could have easily google'd. Besides that, the iPad 2 is about to experience a pretty decent price drop. The iPad 2 with only WiFi will now be $399 instead of $499. The new iPad 3 will now come in 16 GB's for $499 32 GB's for $599 and the 64GB for $699 for it's WiFi only model. The WiFi + 4G model will come in 16GB's for $629 32 GB's for $729 and 64 GB's for $829.

So once again, would I buy one? Sure. Knowing me I'll probably have it on the 16th when it comes out, but I don't think I'll bite this time next year when they update it. They've power packed the iPad 3 to be just as awesome as many expected, but with the exact same design and many of the same features from it's predecessor, I think it's safe to assume Apple is riding out a wave of success. But keep in mind with any form of success, the low points will come and we may be witnessing the last of the good run. Lately we've seen only a short list of big updates from Apple so this could be because they're afraid of taking big leaps of faith since Steve Jobs is no longer running the point on the team. Once again, the old saying stays true, No Risk...No Reward.

You can head to Apple.com to pre-order your iPad 3 or purchase the reduce priced Apple iPad 2.

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